About Us

Flom Region Mutual has its roots over 100 year deep in the West Central area of Minnesota. The Mutual was originally founded by area farmers in a four township area of Norman County Minnesota. The first annual meeting held showed 63 members and a total loss of five dollars.

January 1, 1997, Flom Mutual merged with Lake Region Mutual of New York Mills. Results from this merger formed Flom Region Mutual Insurance Company. Currently we operate in a 10 County area within a 90 mile radius from Flom, Minnesota. Our policy holders now number over three thousand with a insured value of property in excess of five hundred million dollars.

Flom Region Mutual is a progressive insurance company with an eye on the future and deep roots into the past. We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a member of the Flom region Mutual Insurance Company Family. Please take a moment to locate one of our independent agents in your area to help you service your insurance needs.